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Love our shih tzu puppy!
We picked up our little black and white shih tzu, Desi on October 8 from Providence Puppies. We recently lost our 14 fur friend and this new puppy has been a sweet diversion. Desi is a darling puppy with a great temperament. He is playful, smart and loving. The sales transaction was easy with great communication. Would not hesitate to return for a second puppy. Thanks John!

Janice, October 13, 2016

The perfect pup for our family
We are so greatful for all of John's knowledge and patience with our decision making process. He took a lot of time talking to us and answering questions. We just love our shih tzu puppy from Providence Puppies to pieces already! She is such a good girl, and just a perfect fit for our family. Daisy (aka Darlene) was already well socialized when we got her at 11 weeks. She's now 15 weeks old, and has settled in perfectly with our family. Her temperament is so friendly, funny, and easy going. She's almost too good! Leash training was a snap, and pitty training is going well also. She's very smart and eager to please. We're just completely smitten with our sweet girl, Daisy. Thank you again for our newest family member, Danker family!!

Chris, October 2, 2016

Excellent Services
I lost my best friend of 15 years to sinus cancer. John and his staff help me fill my heart with a wonderful 10 week female sckip. (Domino). John was great - asked my calls and email. Provided with all the medical vet check ups information. John is a breeder that - says what he will do and does what he says! Call him if you are looking for a health pet dog - you will not be sorry. Cheers, Michael

 Michael, June 3, 2016

Perfect Puppy
We have had our 5 month old Schipperke for nearly 2 weeks. Friends, neighbors and the vet have told me how cute and sweet he is. It is easy to see that John and his family handle and give a lot of time to their puppies. No yapping, no nipping and very calm. He sits when I give him his food and is good on leash. He wants to please and loves to be praised. Best of all he and our 3 year old Schip were BFFs from the moment they met. Roscoe (our puppy) is a perfect fit. I would definitely recommend Providence Puppies.

Fern, August 21, 2015

Well cared for puppy
I purchased Whitney (I kept her name), a three-month old Pomeranian on October 13th. She was in great health and it was obvious she had been socialized and well cared for by Mr. Danker and his family. She is an absolute joy. She gets along great with my five-month old Pom and has been a wonderful play partner. I would certainly recommend Providence Puppies to anyone looking for great dog.

Ralph, October 24, 2014

Mr John Danker, Toy fox Terrier Breeder
John was polite and very professional with knowledge of the business. I enjoyed the process of buying my puppy, I am picking her up this Saturday. Anyone who is buying a new companion can trust that John will lead you through the process.

richard, February 11, 2014

Wonderful pup from a wonderful family!
We purchased our toy fox/chihuahua pup from John and his family June 2006 and have been friends ever since. John, Michelle and their amazing children are what makes Providence Puppies an outstanding place to find healthy, happy and loving pups. Lucy is a huge part of our lives and has been so healthy since the day we picked her up. John is very knowledgeable with the toy fox breed and is very careful and caring with his dogs. When the day comes that we wish to purchase another pup, hands down, it will be from John at Providence Puppies.

 Laurie, October 12, 2013

I purchased a Teddy Bear puppy from John in April. Jax is such a good puppy. He loves kids, cats and other dogs. He is very smart and has been easy to potty train! He fills are house with so much love and lots of entertainment. I would buy more puppies from John and his family!!

 cindy, July 20, 2013

Great Breeder!
We got a puppy from John and his family and could not have been happier. Actually, we were so pleased with our experience AND our puppy, that we went back and got another out of the same litter... John has always been very helpful and knowledgeable in answering any questions we have had about our girls. We will definitely be going back to him for puppies in the future!

Elley, July 14, 2013

Outstanding Toy Fox Terriers
Providence puppies breeds outstanding Toy Fox Terriers, very loving and healthy, with beautiful shiny coats. Our puppy is attentive and a quick learner and extremely gentle with kids. I will refer Providence Puppies to any and everyone looking for a puppy and will buy my next puppy from Providence. Don't change a thing!!! Keep breeding OUTSTANDING puppies!!!

Edith, March 9, 2013

Greatest Puppy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was looking for a peek-a-poo puppy on the internet. Found Providence Puppies, and contacted John regarding one of his puppies, her name is Hannah. He was very helpful, giving me information about her. He explained to me the whole process about how she would arrive. She arrived via plane in a crate, it was very clean and Hannah as well. We took her out of the crate and she was just adorable!!!! She is the sweetest, little puppy. Great personality, playful, easily trained. John and his family did a wonderful job with raising Hannah. I recommend them VERY HIGHLY. We LOVE Hannah. Thank you, John and his family. KIM

Dwayne, October 12, 2012

Mokii our little "Monkey"
Two weeks ago we made a road trip to Iowa to meet the newest addition to our family,a Porkie (Pomeranian-Yorkie mix). We named him Mokii but his nick name is Monkey. We can't take him anywhere without being asked what kind of dog he is and being told he is the cutest thing they've ever seen.....and he is :-) Even our vet and his staff have fallen in love with him. He's perfectly healthy, happy and full of energy. Gets along well with our other pets and is an absolute joy in every way. Thank you John for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with this little guy. I wake up every morning excited to see what he has in store for us. I had never bought a puppy site unseen before and was a little skeptical, but it has been a totally positive experience from start to finish. Jana and Tessa Orton

Jana, August 6, 2012

Love my little girl!
We picked up our Shetlie puppy a week ago. She is an amazing little girl. John was great to work with and very understanding. Our little girl is well socialized, great temperament, playful, perfect to breed standard. She is gorgeous. The pics online didn't do her justice. She has a beautiful coat on her. She immediately took to our whole family, cats, other dogs, all kids and adults. Would highly recommend this breeder!

Shal, May 16, 2012

Thanks John & Michelle, I found the sweetest little girl pomeranian with Providence Puppies. They were wonderful about giving me updates & new pictures anytime I called & asked. She is extremely well adjusted ... no crying @ night once lights are out. Super energenic when it is play-time. Had her checked out by our vet of 14 years ... he said she is really healthy. I just love her ... great fit to our family !!!! Muffin is really happy in her 'Forever Home'. I would recommend Providence Puppies to anyone. Great experience. Jan R

Jan, April 17, 2012

A Blessing given to me and family
I found a puppy i fell in love with and called John who gracefully dropped the price so we could afford our Oreo Cookie which we call COOKIE, she is a delight to our family and we LOVE HER very much HANDS UP to JOHN and MICHELLE and 7 CHILDREN MERRY XMASand HAPPY NEW YEAR

debra, December 6, 2011

Just purchased a puppy from Providence Puppies
My husband and I just purchased the most adorable puppy from John and Michelle. We got one of their Teddy Bear or Shichon puppies. He is beyond cute and loving and the happiest puppy ever! Our vet did a checkup on him right after we purchased him and he was very happy with the health of our puppy. Everything went as planned and I would not hesitate to get another puppy from Providence Puppies!

Tracy, October 6, 2011

The best puppy purchase EVER!
Our family was looking for a new puppy but we were hesitant to purchase over the internet. We saw a picture of a puppy we fell in love with. We inquired about her(through emails and phone conversations) John was extremely caring, understanding and throrough with his explainations to our questions and concerns. A few days later we made arrangements to pick up our new puppy. Best decision ever! Our new teddy bear puppy is a bundle of joy. She is healthy, happy and has a great disposition. She blended into our busy schedule and our family's lifestyle with ease. We believe that her first few weeks with John and his family's care, helped to shape this beautiful puppy. A leap of faith with great rewards! We recommended Providence Puppies to our friends and family and we recommend them to you. If you are looking for a loving new puppy to add to your family, look no more. You won't be disappointed in the smooth transition and wonderful new puppy you bring home.

J, August 15, 2011

Wonderful breeder
We bought a toy fox terrier puppy from John February 2010. He was a very beautiful and healthy puppy. They made sure that our bundle of joy came with the food that they had been feeding him and they gave very thorough instructions on how to help our pup transition. They also told us that we could call them anytime that we had any questions through his life. We are so very happy with our baby dog and I would recommend this breeder to anyone. In fact, we are discussing a new toy fox and will be contacting them when the time comes!

Jennifer, August 15, 2011

John was great! He made sure to stay in contact with me throughout the whole process. Our brand new puppy is perfect. The wholesale experience was an A+++. Highly recommended.

corey, February 19, 2011

Jack Russell Terrier
I just want to thank the Danker family for the 8 weeks old Jack Russell Terrier we buy. Fast delivery, the puppy came home very clean and healthy and all the questions I had were answered immediately by John. Thanks for this playful and happy puppy my family and I thank them. And of curse I do recommend it to buy your puppies there at the Danker family.

miriam, November 11, 2010

Wonderful Experience- Pomerainan Puppies
Sadie is a 9wk old Pomerainan and she is just wonderful. She is healthy, happy and extremely playful, not to mention all the kisses she loves to share. A sure sign that all of John's puppies are well cared for and very much loved. It has been as if Sadie has been here all along. My experience with John was great, he answered any questions,and has offered advice when needed. Talking with John was like I have known him for years, very friendly and caring, which is seen in his puppies. Sadie is a wonderful additional to our family, and her personality has just filled our home with love and smiles. I would recommend John to anyone that is looking for a great puppy. In the future, if we decide to add another addition to our family we will be calling John. I couldn't be happier, and Sadie is a happy, well adjusted little bundle of soft shiney fur. I can't say Thank you to John enough.

Renee, November 8, 2010

Outstanding experience/Toy Fox Terrier
Providence Puppies is top-notch! After lots of careful research, I choose to purchase our TFT puppy through John Danker and his family due to his years of experience, his knowledge, his care and attention for every puppy, his stellar communication and his eagerness to place his puppies in the best homes possible. John has gone above and beyond to make sure that all my questions were answered, that the purchase process went off without a hitch and that the transition for the puppy went smoothly. Our new TFT is happy, healthy and a great addition to our family. John takes great pride in his work and it definitely shows in the quality of his dogs. I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder to anyone interested in purchasing a puppy. You will not be disappointed!

Jen, October 15, 2010

Providence Puppies
Providence Puppies are well taken care of and healthy. They are family that knows and loves the dogs. They handle the business end well. They have years of raising them. Shipping went fine.

Margaret, September 11, 2010

Awesome Puppies
I purchased my Love Bugg from Providence Puppies and we absolutely adore her. She is so beautiful, well adjusted. I would most definately buy from them again. John is so helpful and will take the time to answer any questions you have. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a puppy. I have nothing but good things to say about Providence Puppies. Awesome family and seller
 Angie, August 21, 2010

A very pleasant experience and my "Franky" is such a joy. He is very healthy, playful and full of energy. He will bring much joy to my family. I would purchase from John again, he is a joy to work with!

Diana, June 29, 2010

Shichon Puppy
We purchased our Shichon puppy Miley about a month ago & she is absolutely perfect! We love everything about her! She has unique coloring, a spunky personality & we love her to death. John was VERY helpful in answering all of my questions, as we have never purchased a puppy without seeing them prior/picking ours out in person. He was willing to provide the vets information for us to call & speak to him, as well as send additional pictures when asked. He was quick to respond to all questions & is a very personable guy! Everyone has asked where we got our puppy & if he is having any others of this breed, even a relative that is PRO purebred & shows dogs! He says that she is a gorgeous dog with excellent features/stance/personality & we should be very happy...WE ARE! :) Thanks again!

Kelly, June 15, 2010

Cairn Terrier puppies
They were very easy to work with. Puppies arrived healthy and clean. Puppies are very friendly. Margaret From Idaho

Maargaret, April 16, 2010

Hi, Just wanted to drop you a line, We bought Zoie (kept her name) this past June. She is an absolute doll. We love her so much, can't imagine life with out her. She is so sweet. She has been to Michigan, and to Colorado and every one loves her. She is a beautiful little traveler. She was so easy to potty train. We were gone a whole month when we went to Colorado, she was happy to be home and settled right in. She is so loveable. Thank you for such an adorable puppy.
Joann & Linda Ruedinger


Well, the kids named her Maggie and she adjusted amazingly well on her first day. She drank, ate, and voided well with only 2 accidents in the house. The kids loved her shadowing them in the yard and pouncing around in the house. She spent 20 mins. at bedtime letting us know she didn't want to be caged and slept through the night!! We are so happy with her! Thanks, John!

Russ and Jane November 26, 2010

I took Ginger to the vet for the examination. She weighed 1.8 lbs and very healthy. The dog has been a blessing for my Grandmother. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kevin D

John & family,
Thank you for letting Sophie come to my home. She is such a joy to have!! God Bless, Judy J.

 Providence Puppies
Providence Puppies are well taken care of and healthy. They are family that knows and loves the dogs. They handle the business end well. They have years of raising them. Shipping went fine.

Margaret, September 11, 2010

 Awesome Puppies
I purchased my Love Bugg from Providence Puppies and we absolutely adore her. She is so beautiful, well adjusted. I would most definately buy from them again. John is so helpful and will take the time to answer any questions you have. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a puppy. I have nothing but good things to say about Providence Puppies. Awesome family and seller.

Angie, August 21, 2010

Morkie puppy
We purchased our morkie puppy in July of 2009 from Providence puppys. We absolutely love her. She has a wonderful personality and is so very cute. We fell in love with her the first time we saw her. If you end up buying one of these puppys you will want another. I do highly recomend this breeder. They are a very loving family and love all there puppys. Thanks so much! Cathy Romero
 Cathy, September 8, 2009
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